Water Lilies Galore

Waterlilies and Aquatic Plants in Phoenix, AZ

Yellow water lily - Aquatic Plants in Phoenix, AZ
Pink water lily - Aquatic Plants in Phoenix, AZ
Purple water lily - Aquatic Plants in Phoenix, AZ
The Lily Pond is a family owned and operated business focusing on waterlilies, aquatic plants, pond fish and, most importantly, educating our customers on how to have a successful pond environment. We've been doing business in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area since 1977.

We believe we offer the best mix of quality plants and pond products coupled with a solid understanding of what makes a successful water garden in our hot, arid environment.

Our Services:

We offer a variety of aquatic plants and water gardening supplies, including:
  • Waterlilies
  • Bog Plants
  • Japanese Koi and Shubunkins
  • Air Pump Diffusers
  • Pond Additives
  • Water Gardening Consultation
  • Planting Services and Pond Maintenance (through our partner, Clearly Water)

Summer Planting Time is Here


Now Is The Time!

Hardy and tropical lilies are in full bloom. Now is the time to ensure that you have good surface coverage with foliage and adequate water circulation and filtration. Call us for an appointment and come early for best selection.

Summer Care

A planted pond needs only a little maintenance. Remove dead leaves and flowers and any debris that blows into the pond. Fertilize plants monthly with Lilystix. Monthly water changes of 25-30% of pond capacity and the addition of bacteria will help to keep the water healthy. In late summer (August-September) divide and replant your Louisiana Iris.